Like the FA and the FM3a, but unlike the FM2, the FE2 benefits from a modern through the lens (on the film or OTF) flash metering system, compatible with the flash units currently sold by Nikon. I'd recommend it over a F3. They were miniature, extremely capable, and masterfully crafted. Details: lens, nikon, piece. Does anybody know why the Nikon FA did not sell well ? Regarding the light meter, it’s a Rockstar. Jul 11, 2019 #28. eye piece correction lens -2.0 for FE2 FE FM2 FA the part that attaches the mirror has broken on one side so the mirror is not seated properly and will not rise when the shutter is fired. Discussion in '35mm Cameras and Accessories' started by LyleB, Feb 5, 2010. Talbert McMullin …'s one review that Ken Rockwell got completely right. Leominster . Then, I met this handsome Nikon camera, the Nikon FE2. Both the FE2 and the FA were discontinued in 1989, making way for the AF era. When I felt the need to venture into a more formal photography, I knew the best way would be to get myself a trusty analogue SLR sidekick.

I took a photo of me and Nikon FE2 as soon as I brought it home with me. Nikon FE2 with the MF-12 back.

We've been inseparable ever since. The Nikon FE2 is fully compatible with these newer series of lenses, although it doesn't benefit much from the new features provided in the new AIS lenses, as the FE2 has only Aperture Priority AE and manual exposure controls, which don’t need lens data input. Nikon FA vs FE2?

Nikon FA ?
While it is a 60/40 center-weighted meter, it is still sparingly accurate. Discussion in 'Nikon' started by hjoseph7, Dec 9, 2014. I bought the dedicated MD-15 drive for it and it's still my most used Nikon MF body to date. Unlike the FM2, FE2, I think this camera was only on the market for a couple of years, yet it had sophisticated features such as full Program mode, Aperture priority and Shutter priority all rolled up in one, plus matrix metering.
I notice very little difference between the exposures on my Nikon FE2 and my Nikon F3 (The F3 has a 80/20 center-weighted meter). Nikon users will acknowledge the fact that some of the models within the Nikon FE series present a very attractive option as a sole or back up body. I traded my FE2 in for my FA and have never regretted it.

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And most important of all, there was a model for every type of photo geek.

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For more information on the FA, please visit the separate This site will detail and provide some useful information relating to respective FE models' camera operation, compatibility issues and general info.

In time this range of size-conscious cameras would encompass six machines; the FM, FM2, FE, FE2, FA, and the FM3A all shared the same internal chassis and general design ethos. Used, Nikon correction lens FA FE2 FM2 FE FM -2 .

Nikon FE2.