Lyrics to 'Take Me Away' by 4 Strings: Shining light Another day turns into night Eternal fire Waited all my life

Lyrics to Take Me Away by Keyshia Cole from the Calling All Hearts [Clean Version] album - including song video, artist biography, translations and more! Explain your version of song meaning, find more of Freaky Friday lyrics. Watch official video, print or download text in PDF. Original lyrics of Take Me Away song by Freaky Friday. Take me away Grass around your ankles in the field before the flood You're a rough-cut diamond in the Mississippi mud Take me away Well, I'm a two time loser with my guitar and my gun You're a mover and a shaker and a lover in the sun Take me away 'Cause I been … take me away! Lyrics to 'Take Me Away' by Lindsay Lohan: Yeah, yeah Get out, get out Move on, move on there's no doubt I'm all wrong, you're right It's all the same with you I'm too thin, too fat Take me away, na your body I go dey Take me away, na your body I won dey Far far away na your body I go dey Baby take me away Only you go be my lover (only you ooh) Ma lover, you go be my lover When I see your face ebe like say I see my mother Girl don bother cos there is no other Enough of than come aye for for my holy time But them no nada eh Take me away Take me far away from here Let me reside in the silence Let the world just disappear Let me leave it behind Let me have one day alone I want the thrill and sensation Of living life in the unknown I just wanna stop and breathe I don't care what's coming next I just wanna frame this day Life's too short to have regrets If I sail away i've been around and i've seen enough the poorest of the poor the weak and the tough they say not to question but i gotta ask why i can still remember the last time i cried (chorus) can you take me away? Take Me Away Lyrics Let me lie in the sun again Feel the heat on my face again Life's too short to be here my friend Please let me go I want to run through the fields again Feel the grass beneath my feet and then Throw my arms in the sky my friend I want to go Comment and share your favourite lyrics.