Effect of Sunlight on Guinea Pigs There are a number of easy-to-clean guinea pig cages on the market, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding one for your pet. ... black ants that seem to like my kitchen stove & counters. How to keep your guinea pig cage clean and smelling fresh: 1) Get a large cage. Move the hutch to an area where wind, rain, and snow cannot get in. This keeps your guinea pig from having to stretch their neck too far or bend down too low to reach the water. Be sure to also go for a liner that is machine washable. Safe guinea hay rack comes in varied styles, shapes, and sizes; so you can always find one that fits your guinea pig to a cinch.. FLEECE LINER BEDDING - Fleece Liner Beddings are great for guinea pigs because it is 100% dust-free compared to wood and paper … The improper ventalation can lead to amonia poisening and is not healthy for a guinea pig. This makes a HUGE difference, and they have more room to roam around, which is better for their health anyways. The liner you choose for your guinea pig cage will be dependent on the type and size of the guinea pig cage. I highly recommend the C&C cage from this website. We noticed a huge difference in their behavior and happiness when we transferred them to their new house. Being unable to cool himself down, can lead to heat stroke (more on this here) and an early death. And make sure you keep ants out of your house. Mice are attracted to food no properly stored or left out. If your guinea pig cage still smells after you’ve done a full clean, it might be the guinea pigs themselves that need some freshening up. Check out this uber-simple homemade guinea pig cage! SO spacious. The other line of the defense is the cage cover. Mt guinea does not even use the ramp, He jumps on the ”second floor” with no probs. Don't buy those premade cages that are way too small. Let’s now have a quick look at some types of guinea pig bedding out there that will keep your pigs clean and odor free. Short haired piggies don’t usually require regular baths but long-haired pets can get urine and debris in their fur and may need bathing as and when necessary. Homemade Guinea Pig Cage Design. It should have an absorbent layer in the middle so as to keep your guinea pigs dry. Getting your guinea pig out of his cage more is the best way to get the most enjoyment out of being a guinea pig pet owner. Not to mention that some can even be bullied by others. Why it feels this way is another matter altogether. How do I get my guinea pig to drink from a water bottle? 11. I used lemon oil, but that didn't do much. Can't find openings in the room. If a guinea pig is in an ambient temperature as low as 86°F, he can develop heat stroke in as little as 15 minutes. Guinea Dad Fleece Liner 2.0 Glass tanks are also not a good choice for this reason. Holiday Theme DIY Guinea Pig Cage Cavycages.com recommends 7.5 square feet for a single guinea pig and 10.5 feet for a pair. You may also see the Guinea pig avoid drinking water, which can quickly lead to serious dehydration. 13. I don't meanto be rude but that is irrasponsible, and not a safe or good cage to keep any animal in. Electric cables. The idea is to use disposable bedding in the cafe, such as Carefresh, pine shavings, etc., and fleece in the rest of the cage. Despite the size of the cage that you may own, the confined space can never compare with an open one. Because guinea pigs produce large amounts of very strong urine that can soak into their skin on their feet and cause ulceration, Nevarez emphasizes the importance of keeping cages clean – which means cleaning the cage and removing waste daily. If a guinea pig gets hot, he will try to find a cool place or a place with shade to cool down. Replace your guinea pigs’ cage with a tough “dog-proof” one. A determined dog or even cat could break in, at the very least terrifying your guinea pigs. “This is the PERFECT size cage for My 2-year-old guinea pig. Guinea pigs generally eat and potty in the same place, too. They will be most comfortable drinking from a water bottle if it is at the right height. Some guinea pig cages are flimsy and although they are adequate to keep guinea pigs contained, they can’t keep other, larger pets out. It is basically a series of box frames all connected together! Clean out ur guinea pigs cage straight away. Guinea Pig Bedding. Keep Your Guinea Pigs Safe from Other Pets. These are another satisfactory cage to buy but don't fall into the trap of getting a cage that's too small for your guinea pig or has a wired bottom. Tie the corners to the cage so if the guinea pig pushes against it, it wont just fall down. To bond with your guinea pig, you need to approach your pet with an understanding that they are different from you. Many people often assume that since they have provided a large cage for their guinea pigs, they do not need to let them out and allow them to roam free. Not all guinea pig cages are very easy to clean, so try to select one that comes apart easily and is made from non-porous materials. If you have two or more guinea pigs go for a … instructables. Maybe keep ur hamster cage on the 2nd story if you have one, or on the table. Suddenly he is getting mice in his Guinea pig cage. So lovely to look at and yet so simple. I hope this helps you find more ways to get your guinea pig out of his cage and interacting more with your family. If the ants keep on showing up spray ant repellent stuff AROUND ur guinea pigs cage make sure NON of it comes in contact with ur guinea pig. In fact, many of our natural instincts for bonding with guinea … How can I keep my guinea pigs warm outside? Select a cage that is easy to clean. Feet space for a pair of guinea pig and an additional three sq feet per guinea pig as you get more of them. A good way to keep track of how much your Guinea pig is eating is to invest in a small animal scale or baby scale and weigh them weekly. Chewing on cage bars. To help tier your pig out more, let get him out and let him run around your room for a while. As you could imagine, more cavies require a larger guinea pig cage size. If you are struggling what to line your guinea pigs cage with check out this article. A guinea pig can and will jump out of that. For more tips on being a guinea pig owner, check out Why Guinea Pigs Make Great Pets for Kids. >>>, I know! However, it’s not recommended to having too many guinea pigs in a single cage as they might fight each other. This would certainly boost their social interaction, making your pets happier. With a pet as small as a Guinea pig, there doesn't need to be much weight loss to lead to serious health issues. Guinea pig cage Size Requirements. Guinea pig hay rack is one of the most important accessories that you should buy for your rodent. While Guinea Pigs may naturally love chewing, chewing on cage bars specifically is almost never viewed as healthy behavior. The room must have enough lighting, but no direct sunlight should fall at the cage. We like to call this our Hybrid solution. C&C CAGE - If you don't have the capability to build a DIY cage for your guinea pig, C&C cages are good for customizing cage layouts. First, start off by building the base and then join the two separate cabinets together to make a unified cage. While you might think all you need to bond are snuggles on a couch, your guinea pig likely has other ideas. Our Cavy Cafe Kitchen is designed for exactly that. Remove any food wrappers, plants, and electrical wires from the area. Close the doors, or place your guinea pig in a large pen. Some space to eat, drink, munch on hay, hang out and potty. Cats can pose a risk to guinea pigs but if you have an enclose cage it should not be a problem. Here are our top 5 pro tips to keep your guinea pig fleece bedding smelling clean and fresh. Keep the food in tightly closed containers so they can't get to it. Myabe leave some food outside of your house so ants … The size of your guinea pig cage highly depends on how many you have. Give your home and garden a quick guinea pig safety check and look out for: Potential predators. Watch the video by petpalacetv to learn how to build a guinea pig cage out of wood. Make sure you attach the water bottle to the crate at head-level. In the event you forget to close the door all the way or the cat finds a way in somehow, at least the cover will keep them safe until you get home. Make sure their living maintains a stable temperature between 16°C(60°F) to 24°C( 75°F ). Guinea pigs must be kept away from other pets that could harm them. A guinea pig that seems to have unnaturally taken up the habit of chewing on the bars may be trying to say that it feels uncomfortable inside the cage. Size . Keep your guinea pigs well away from any electric cables – they might chew through them and get quite a shock! Even if your guinea pig is secured in a safe area, you should always supervise it during floor time. Don't buy wired cages that are designed for mice, rats or hamsters. Keep the door closed securely; I can't tell you how many times my roommate's cat managed to get my door open unless the door clicks shut. How to set up for your guinea pig Company. However, that task will require you to spend a lot of time and efforts. Anyway, I have heard that if flies (cousins of the gnat) lay their eggs on guinea pigs, the maggots will hatch, burrow into the pig, and literally eat the pig … Guinea pigs, being social creatures, do best kept in groups of two or more, but most readily available commercial cages are not large enough to house a pair of pigs.The "old" guideline of 2 square feet per guinea pig is considered out-of-date and cramped by many owners. Daily grooming is essential for long-haired guinea pigs to help keep their coat in good condition, and is good for short-haired guinea pigs too. This guinea pig cage is made using lumber and pocket hole giants. We have tried everything in our guinea pig cage from Carefresh paper bedding to Aspen wood shavings to homemade fleece liners to custom fleece liners. Guinea pigs need at least a Midwest sized cage to live comfortably. This is completely wrong. You could also try clipping a piece of wood that's high enough to stop your guinea pig from jumping over it, to the door. Purchase one that is at least 7.5 square feet. Using a suitable brush, brush the coat gently in the same direction as the hair grows, and gently remove dead hairs, tangles and pieces of twigs, dry leaves or burrs. Get him out as often as you can. Here’s a nice wooden guinea pig cage with shelves made from four square grids each. Nevarez recommends adding a guinea pig house so your guinea pig can hide and rest as needed. The table below shows what I believe to be the minimum after going through the research. When choosing a cage for your guinea pig, make sure that it is at least 30″ x 36″ to allow for enough bedding material to keep them warm.

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