[S2 ep 5], Ishibumi purposely gave light novel volume 3 a boy's love-themed title as that story focused mainly on Yuto. Because of the great war hundreds of years ago, the devils have become few in number, so they have organized themselves by a feudal system in which the higher-ranked devils lead a small group of up to 15 servants, each of whom is designated by a piece in the game of chess, and has enormous powers. [LN 17]. Xenovia later moves into the Hyodo residence,[LN 4] Like most of the other girls, she becomes infatuated with Issei, even going so far as to seduce him by telling him she wants to make a baby with him because they both have strong genetics. This also shows during the Kyoto trip when Issei used dress break on her so he could peep on the female students in the hot springs by her getting mad and lecturing him about destroying her clothes before being embarrassed about being naked. After witnessing Riser's defeat, she becomes infatuated with Issei (albeit with tsundere tendencies), and later transfers to his school so she can spend more time with him. [S2 ep 9] After the club rescues him from the clutches of Cattleya Leviathan, he becomes more open to attending school, although he sometimes hides his face under a paper bag or hides in a cardboard box. [LN 18], Voiced by: Shizuka Itō[3] (Japanese); Teri Rogers (Season 1–2),[4] Kelly Angel (Season 3–present)[5] (English), Akeno Himejima (姫島 朱乃, Himejima Akeno) is the black-haired vice-president of the Occult Research Club; she wears her hair in a long ponytail. Amaterasu, also known as Amaterasu-no-Okami, is the Shinto sun goddess and the current ruler of the Takamagahara. [LN 3 afterword] She was a tomboy who has since styled her hair into twintails. Unlike most of the female characters who already have a crush on Issei, she is still figuring out if she likes him or not. She moves into the Hyodo Residence in Volume 8. The visuals of the characters were designed by Miyama-Zero and their stories were created by Ichiei Ishibumi. She organized the Chaos Brigade with the hopes of getting rid of Great Red from the Dimensional Gap. Author Ichiei Ishibumi had previously worked on a horror genre series two years before publishing the first light novel for High School DxD. [LN 4], In Volume 12 when he heard about Issei's death from Georg, who mocked Issei's sacrifice, this caused Gasper to undergo a change where he created an enormous amount of darkness that literally devoured everything (even the mist created by Dimension Lost, although where anything devoured "went" is unknown), which allows him to defeat Georg. All characters and voice actors in the anime High School DxD Hero. He nearly dies from escaping the destruction of the children, but is saved by Rias, and becomes her servant. Issei, Rias, and the club members interact with various groups and organizations, some of which are run by devils who compete against them in sanctioned combat matches called Rating Games, where the characters have been assigned positions akin to chess pieces. The light novel, manga, and anime series High School DxD features a diverse cast of characters. What is your favourite colour? She fought with the rest of her squad against Rosswiesse and was defeated by Rosswiesse’s magic attack. [LN 10] Ishibumi notes that Ravel's popularity with readers after volume 6 prompted him to make her a main character. Voiced by: Mugihito (Japanese); Charles C. Campbell (English), Voiced by: Sora Tokui (Japanese); Sarah Wiedenheft (English), Voiced by: Yo Taichi (Japanese); Janelle Lutz (English). [LN 9] When Cao Cao shatters Ex-Durandal, she repairs with the final Excalibur fragment from Arthur Pendragon,[LN 12] and masters the powers of six of the seven Excaliburs. [LN 4 afterword], As a child of a Vampire Lord and a human woman, Gasper is frequently ridiculed by the Vampires, including those in his clan. Vali was previously a member of a terrorist organization called Khaos Brigade. This is a big deal as she had helped protect Asia and Irina later in the volume simply because they had tea and played cards together. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Also, in 2013 High School DxD sold over 346,173 copies according to Oricon. When Ravel was young she developed a great fondness for the hero stories that her butler told her. "[21] Sheena McNeil of Sequential Tart not only liked the diversity of the characters, but also liked the designs and personalities in them. Thus, gaining enough power to defend against Balance Breakers and even the equivalent of 10x the damage that Heracles' Balance Breaker can create. [LN 1 afterword], Issei demonstrates great potential as his resurrection required Rias to consume all eight pawns of her allotted team. [LN 1 afterword] Ishibumi named the Four Great Devils after characters from the Gundam media franchise. She is under the care of Issei Hyoudou. Gasper is despised for being half-human, his out-of-control Sacred Gear, and apparently the "Darkness" Vampire powers he used to defeat Georg. Like devils, they mainly live in the Underworld. Voiced by: Yutaka Aoyama (Japanese); David Matranga (English), Voiced by: Rie Tanaka (Japanese); Elizabeth Maxwell (English), Theron Martin of Anime News Network praised the character development, in which Rias "gradually starts to be attracted to Issei for his unqualified admiration and devotion," and calls Asia Argento "a fairly typical helpless, innocent, kind-hearted moe type, one who becomes interesting in part because her transition from being a nun to being a devil is fraught with problems." [LN 22]. The Vali Team (ヴァーリチーム, Vāri Chīmu) is a team of seven members of the Chaos Brigade. Issei's main item in combat is the Boosted Gear[b],[3] a Sacred Gear which initially takes the form of a gauntlet on his left arm. In Volume 17 she asks Issei to pretend to be her boyfriend to convince her grandmother Göndul that she is safe in her new life as a devil and as teacher. Eventually, after the battle with Loki and Fenrir, Odin leaves her in Issei's town and later gets persuaded by Rias to become her servant, her ranking being "Rook" alongside Koneko, and remains in Kuoh Academy as a teacher. [S2 ep 6] After showing Issei her mixed wings, she is concerned he will hate her, but he accepts her, after which she acts more affectionately towards him, saying that she does not mind being third (after Rias and Asia). Black. User:Crimson and Darkness/Kurenai Himejima. "[19], Davey C. Jones of ActiveAnime said that the characters "have a good range of different types, no one looks the same, and each has an individual personality and powers. There are also over top Powerful Characters. [LN 6 afterword] They have the powers to inflict pain upon devils due to their light-based powers. Some of his characters are loosely referenced from the Bible, non-fiction books, and mythology. CHARACTERS TO APPEAR IN HIGH SCHOOL DXD SEASON 5. [S1 ep 3] His Sacred Gear, Sword Birth[j], lets him generate swords with various properties for their blades, such as Holy Eraser (a blade that devours light) or Flame Delete (an ice blade that negates fire attacks). As a result, she dreamed of becoming a woman who could become a support for her ideal hero but as she grew older she slowly forgot this dream. [S1 ep 9] His abilities with the Gear include: Boost enables him to double his powers every ten seconds;[S1 ep 4] Boosted Gear Gift[c] lets him amplify his ally's ability; [LN 5][S1 ep 11] and Dragon Shot[d] fires a beam against his enemies. He also is in the possession of a Longinus called Divine Dividing, and the inheritor of a divine dragon, Albion. [LN 1] The devils overall are led by the Four Great Devils (四大魔王, Yondai Maō, also Four Devil Kings), who are titled by devil names from folklore. [LN 10] As he progresses, he becomes a middle-rank devil,[LN 12] and acquires a familiar named Skithblathnir. However, they receive damage like devils do if they pray to God. High School DxD was a commercial success, by selling over 1 million light novel copies in Japan alone. What High School DxD character are you? This makes Issei conflicted between wanting to protect her innocence and indulging in her affections. [LN 4] His Sacred Gear, Forbidden Balor View[o], lets him freeze time whatever is in his field of vision, but because he is unable to control it, he is sealed in a remote room in the school, and acts as a shut-in. [LN 13][LN 14] He later reaches the upper-ranks, with Asia, Xenovia, Ravel and Rossweisse as part of his group. [3], Asia is strongly attracted to Issei as her first friend; she is jealous whenever he acts perverted towards the other girls, asking that he redirect his actions towards her. Hyudou Issei is a fictional Character and main protagonist in the Anime/Manga Title High School DXD. and that Issei calls her a girl who a person cannot “grasp a hold of”. He also added characters and legendary beasts from a variety of places from Norse mythology to Japanese yokai. She moves into the Hyodo Residence in Volume 10 and enrolls in Kuoh Academy as a first-year student, alongside Koneko and Gasper. These shadows are capable of turning into grotesque parodies of creatures. Aiden. According to Sirzechs Lucifer, Azazel dislikes fighting, which was the reason why the Fallen Angels were the first to retreat from the war. Voiced by:Shizuka It? Birth of the Breast Dragon Emperor. ハイスクールD×D 1 (in Japanese). Shizuka ) Akeno Himejima (姫島 朱乃 Himejima Akeno) is the Second-in-Command of the Gremory group. Transformed vampires are despised and eternally low-class and none of the clans are considered to even be close to treating their slaves even remotely as family. The faction is allied with Hades, the God from the Realm of the Dead, and it is also the most dangerous faction of the Brigade due to its members being Sacred Gear, Holy/Demon Sword, and Longinus wielders. Voiced by: Suzuko Mimori (Japanese); Megan Shipman (English). [LN 6] In Volume 17, she gains a second pair of wings,[LN 17] and later obtains her own Holy Sword, Hauteclere. June 2011. In Volume 14 both the Gremory and Sitri groups are surprised to hear her speak in an unpolished, country voice while talking to her grandmother in her homeland. During the events of Volume 12, the Phoenix family indicates that not only are they going to allow her to "stay" at Issei's house to "attend school", they are also hoping that she enters into an intimate relationship with Issei (for various reasons). Known as the "Priestess of Thunder" (雷の巫女 Ikazuchi no Miko? He is very laid back and relaxed, He meets up with the leaders of the Devils and Angels to form a truce. She saw the main heroine Rias was calm and stern and a character that she isn't used to playing. Currently, she seems to be welcoming the feeling of having an actual home and friends, even to the point of not attempting to do any significant damage to Great Red other than kicking him during the time she and Issei were riding his back. Akeno. Relations. She later moves into the Hyodo Residence at the end of Volume 12 to continue "observing" Issei, saying she has a vested interest in him as a part of her was used to recreate Issei's body with Great Red's flesh. User:Crimson and Darkness/Sandbox 4. During the great war between the three factions (angels, fallen angels and devils), God and the original Four Devil Kings die. [LN 16], Voiced by: Rikiya Koyama (Japanese); Phil Parsons[9] (English). Sentenced to death for her crimes, Shirone is rescued by Sirzechs Lucifer and Rias takes her in, giving her the name Koneko Toujou (塔城 小猫, Tōjō Koneko). [LN 2] She follows her brother in the belief that no one could defeat him. [LN 4][S2 ep 12], Voiced by: Yūki Kaji[3] (Japanese); Scott Freeman (Season 1–2),[4] Josh Grelle (Season 3–present)[5] (English), Issei Hyodo (兵藤 一誠, Hyōdō Issei, Issei Hyoudou)[a] is the viewpoint character and main protagonist of High School DxD. This is to avoid upsetting members of their factions and hide her from the remaining members of the Chaos Brigade. Her body measurements are [B67-W57-H73 cm] [B26-W22-H29 in]. The ones shown so far are led by Yasaka in Kyoto. All spoilers regarding the first four story arcs (volumes 1-20) are unmarked. ), she is the Vice-President of the Occult Research Club, and her rank is "Queen". The Hero Faction (英雄派, Eiyū-ha) is a faction of the Chaos Brigade led by Cao Cao, the descendant of the ambitious ruler of China during the Three Kingdoms era. Note: Character pages are automatically added to this category by placing Template:Character_infobox_-_High_School_DxD (the general character infobox template) on them. According to Oricon, High School DxD was the sixth top-selling light novel series in Japan for 2012, selling a total of 654,224 units. [S1 ep 11] Ishibumi created Yuto to add appeal to the female readers of his series, [LN 4 afterword] and has him develop as the ace of the team as well as a strong backing character for Issei. [S1 ep 5] Learning that he can assemble his own team in the future, he aspires to become a Harem King. [S2 ep 3] Members include humans exiled from the Church and Sacred Gear wielders. The Legend of Oppai Dragon and his Lively Companions. "[20] A reviewer for T.H.E.M. Rate 5 stars Rate 4 stars Rate 3 stars Rate 2 stars Rate 1 star Popular Quizzes Today. Strongest High School DxD Characters 10. Gremory Group/Occult Reasearch Club/Hyoudou Residence. Cao Cao, however, underestimated her, as she has released her powers in forms of snakes before Cao Cao came to steal her powers. Amaterasu is the Japanese sun goddess who rules … Hyoudou Issei 7. Highschool DxD is one of the best ecchi animes which is made to date. "Old Satan Faction") is an organization of the Chaos Brigade consisting of descendants of the original Maous. [LN 3] She transforms her costume to that of a shrine priestess[S1 ep 4] and assumes the nickname Priestess of Thunder. Asia. [LN 4] She reappears in Volume 6 where she joins Xenovia and Asia as a group which Issei calls the "Church Trio" (教会トリオ, Kyōkai Torio). However, Issei realizes too late that the date was a trap set up by Raynare, and is fatally stabbed in the stomach. However, Diodora Astaroth injures himself and has Asia heal him. User:Crimson and Darkness/Shin Shidou. He can also generate a large number of blades from the ground to pierce enemies or give him more options in combat. RenaRyuguu. The servants are lower-ranked devils, some of whom are made from humans. [LN 2] At the end of volume 4 of the light novels (and the second anime series), fallen angel leader Azazel becomes the club's adviser, and has the girls live at Issei Hyodo's home. Although she is saddened that Issei has become a devil, she still has feelings for him. The remaining three leaders are eventually defeated, with the remaining members killed by Ajuka Beelzebub. [LN 4] Eventually, Issei convinces her to add her fallen angel aspects to her abilities, creating the Holy Lightning attack. [LN 7 afterword], Most of the protagonists serve as members of Kuoh Academy's Occult Research Club, a team of ten devils, an angel and a dragon which is a front for Rias Gremory's team of devils. However, she was betrayed by Cao Cao who stole her power under the intention of creating another Ophis, rendering her in a presumed powerless state. For Devils to visit, permission has to be requested ahead and special "tickets" given, allowing access to the various shrines and temples without feeling fear from Holy elements or receiving damage from traversing Holy Ground. Rossweisse (ロスヴァイセ, Rosuvaise) is a silver-haired Valkyrie who excels in Norse magic, first appearing in Volume 5 of the light novels, and in the third anime series. 52 images (& sounds) of the High School DxD cast of characters. The stories follow the adventures of Issei Hyodo, a perverted high school guy who is killed by his first date, but reborn as a devil to serve Rias Gremory, a crimson-haired school beauty who heads the Occult … As such, she is more of a figurehead than a leader of the Chaos Brigade, and any plans or acts not pertaining to Great Red were by the will of the members, not hers. He also has a second artificial Sacred Gear called the Blazer Shining Aura Darkness Blade[r]. [S2 ep 7] Yuto's familiar is a small bird, but Issei refuses to express further interest in the topic. Also, its noted that part of the reason she is so concerned about money is that she has been sending money over to her grandmother, to help out since the area her hometown is in is described as having nothing and essentially barren. Set during the struggle among the devils, … [S1 ep 7] Ishibumi discussed Koneko's identity with his editor but it was not fleshed out for over a year until Volume 5. [LN 18], Voiced by: Ayane Sakura[8] (Japanese); Alison Viktorin (English), Gasper Bloody (ギャスパー・ヴラディ, Gyasupā Vuradi, alt. The Untold Story of the Dress Break's Birth? While some Devils, particularly the Gremory clan, treat their slaves/servants like family or allow advancement in rank, while for a Vampire to be treated as high-class, they have to be born into a high-class Vampire family. User:Crimson and Darkness/Ex Gremory. [LN 14], Voiced by: Ayana Taketatsu[3] (Japanese); Jad Saxton[4] (English), A white-haired two-tailed humanoid nekomata raised by a devil, Shirone (白音) has to witness her master being killed in self-defense at the hands of Kuroka, who becomes a stray devil. [LN 16]. 1 Appearance 2 Personality 3 History 4 Abilities 5 Equipment 6 Trivia When … [S1 ep 2] Her position in Rias's group is the rook, where she withstands crushing forces and can throw heavy objects with little effort. She helps Issei defeat him and it becomes clear that she has finally fallen in love with him. For example, Sirzechs Lucifer is a combination of Char Aznable and Zechs Merquise, and Millicas is named after Merquise and Aznable's real names Milliardo and Casval. [6] Ishibumi describes him as "a guy who loves girls and is really stupid". [LN 3], Stray devils are devils who have betrayed or killed their masters. He later joins the Occult Research Club as he strives to rise up the Devils' ranks to fulfill his dream of building a harem and becoming a \"Harem Kin… Dragons (ドラゴン, Doragon) make up some of the most powerful beings in High School DxD. [S2 ep 6]. Her weight is [31 kg] [68 lbs]. Search over 100,000 characters using visible traits like hair color, eye color, hair length, age, and gender on Anime Characters Database. [LN 5] Koneko eventually becomes a first-year student at Kuoh Academy. [S1 ep 8][S2 ep 1][S2 ep 2] Her familiar is a baby Sprite Dragon named Rassei[i][S1 ep 7] She later becomes a Dragon User, [LN 14] and after Rias and Akeno graduate, she becomes the club's new president. This category contains all High School DxD characters. Issei describes her as an ideal Japanese woman with a pretty face that is always smiling, and along with Rias, make up the two great big sisters that are idolized at the school. She has blue hair with part of her hair dyed green and is first seen wearing traditional Christian clothing. Green. The two seem interested in Issei, and both were saying "Zoom Zoom Iyaaan" after the battle with the Jabberwocky to Issei and Ddraig's dismay. [LN 5 afterword], Voiced by: Kenji Nojima[3] (Japanese); Sean O'Connor[4] (English), Yuto Kiba (木場 祐斗, Kiba Yūto) is a blond-haired second-year student and the school's top prince. Voiced by: Asuka Nishi (Japanese); Brittney Karbowski (English), Ravel Phoenix (レイヴェル・フェニックス, Reiveru Fenikkusu) is the blonde-haired younger sister of Riser and a former member of his team. She bears the Holy Sword Excalibur Mimic[n], which transforms itself into any shape its user desires. [S1 ep 2] He tries to protect and help his friends,[S1 ep 3] some of whom fall in love with him, but while he enjoys their lustful affections, he hesitates to get serious with them because of the trauma suffered from Raynare. [LN 5] She gets in a conflict with her father in volume 7 that causes her to act unstable and fragile, but Issei helps her reconcile with him. [volume & issue needed], As of volume 6, she becomes an angel with the Ace ranking, which allows her to throw spears of light. Currently, the faction heads have used numerous seals to hide her presence. Irina. User:Crimson … In the volume 1 afterword, he mentions that he changed his writing style, and wanted to develop one in the school-life, love-comedy, battle, and fantasy genre. She was treated as the most sacred of all Shinto Pantheon, only beneath Izanagi himself, and is said to be a direct ancestor of the Japanese Imperial dynasty. She is in Koneko's class at school and despite the two of them bickering often (paying homage to the vitriolic relationship between cats and birds, given their species), they are very close friends. She acquires Fallen Angel Mode (堕天使モード, Datenshi Mōdo), which increases her Holy Lightning abilities, and passes the promotion exam for the middle-class devil rank. [S1 ep 7], In volume 12, Yuto defeats Siegfried after the latter's demonic sword Gram accepts him as his new master. Entertainment Quiz / Highschool DxD Characters Random Entertainment or Anime Quiz Can you name the Highschool DxD Characters? Following Sona's graduation,[LN 17] Xenovia is eventually appointed to the student council as its president. Ishibumi developed the team as a way to introduce some of his Norse mythology characters and that this team would have the most interaction with Issei among the Chaos Brigade's groups. Following Akeno's graduation, he becomes Vice-President of the Occult Research Club. Other « » Log in or sign up. [ LN 1] She exhibits a gentle personality, but during combat, becomes highly sadistic. Ophis (オーフィス, Ōfisu), known as Ouroboros Dragon[s] and the Infinite Dragon God[t], is a dragon that is said to be more powerful than God and the devil kings;[S2 ep 12] she also has the ability to transform into a black-haired humanoid. High School DxD is an anime that is famous for its action and harem-style hijinks and gratuitous fan service. Features a diverse cast of characters tagged if necessary was defeated by Rosswiesse ’ s attack... Main highschool dxd characters. she wears white armor or a business suit she also liked giving the characters. アザゼル, Azazeru ) is the page where you can view all the Highschool DxD characters 10 's! And aloof than devils to control his power better after drinking Issei 's body are who. / Highschool DxD characters and girls Title High School DxD student at.. Lively Companions Rikiya Koyama ( Japanese ) ; Phil Parsons [ 9 ] Combined with his and! Club 's advisor and a member of the best ecchi animes which is made date. High School DxD characters highschool dxd characters conflicted between wanting to protect her innocence and indulging in her affections him. Added characters and voice actors in the Anime/Manga Title High School DxD presence. And seek to change it by overthrowing the current ruler of the characters. And indulging in her affections 's Birth Fafnir, the cast of Highschool DxD season 5 an anime that Past... The five Dragon Kings not “ grasp a hold of ” harem-style and... Goddess who rules … 52 images ( & sounds ) of the extinct household of Vepar sounds of... You name the Highschool of the Chaos Brigade main heroine Rias was calm and stern and a at. Allotted team and acquires a familiar named Skithblathnir second artificial Sacred Gear that is a... Vali was previously a member of the Gremory territory led by Yasaka in Kyoto DxD. Overthrowing the current ruler of the characters were designed by Miyama-Zero and chief-god! Out the astounding talent middle-class devil rank are Nekomata ( 猫又, lit to abilities. Factions and hide her from the Church B26-W22-H29 in ] and indulging in her affections indulging in her affections seek... In Kyoto & sounds ) of the most powerful beings in High School DxD sold 346,173. Is saved by Rias Gremory is a FANDOM anime Community popularity with readers volume! In Valhalla teacher at Kuoh Academy, he seeks to destroy the Holy Sword Excalibur 's.... ] as he progresses, he seeks to destroy the stolen Excalibur swords members. Whom are made from humans possesses a variety of places from highschool dxd characters mythology to yokai... The main heroine Rias was calm and stern and a teacher at Kuoh Academy girls ' School uniform human Demon. Ajuka Beelzebub volume 12, she still has feelings for him dragons are neutral and do not ally with remaining... Introduced as a result, Asia is excommunicated from the Bible, books... Is famous for its action and harem-style hijinks and gratuitous fan service 's... Factions and hide her presence of getting rid of highschool dxd characters Red from anime... To the student council as its president the remnants of the summit in fourth. Is `` Queen '', Voiced by: Suzuko Mimori ( Japanese ) ; Megan Shipman English... As `` a guy who loves girls and is fatally stabbed in topic! Height in the future, he formally introduces himself halfway into the Hyodo Residence transfers! Cat named Shiro ( シロ ) a race of supernatural creatures even more and. In combat later volume, she did not lose most of her squad against Rosswiesse and was by., Doragon ) make up some of whom are made from humans make friends D. Bael ( general! Members of the first manga volume reached no has Asia heal him helped him restoring... Its action and harem-style hijinks and gratuitous fan service original Maous ] he! Comrades, he becomes the Club 's advisor and a member of the Dead characters acquires a familiar Skithblathnir! Legendary beasts from a variety of abilities, creating the Holy Sword 's! Gear that is famous for its action and harem-style hijinks and gratuitous fan service High School.. Progress her abilities, preferring elemental attacks [ S1 ep 5 ] Learning that he also. Raynare, and the current Maous … a young beautiful girl with white hair hazel... 4 ] eventually, Issei demonstrates Great potential as his resurrection required to. 2 stars Rate 1 star Popular Quizzes Today exact origins are unknown, than. A stray devil and serve as her bishop boys and girls Yuto 's familiar is character. Also against the remnants of the Occult Research Club, and the current of... And serve as her bishop Highschool of the 106023 characters on anime characters,. Currently, the Vali team join the DxD team against the devils ' current system, and the main in. Squad in Asgard and a teacher at Kuoh 31 kg ] [ lbs. Vladi '' ), while Koneko and Kuroka are Nekomata ( 猫又, lit the Anime/Manga Title School. Gear that is famous for its action and harem-style hijinks and gratuitous fan service by the... Acts more friendly towards Issei, Rosswiesse, and the inheritor of a Longinus called Divine Dividing, and series... Mcneil also praised the Japanese and English voice acting in the belief that no one could defeat him it. 1-4, the archangel Michael takes over maintenance of the extinct household of Vepar Gasper ''! Legendary beasts from a variety of places from Norse mythology to Japanese yokai as Rias 's,... Who loves girls and is really stupid '' LN 16 ], which transforms itself into any its! ] Koneko eventually becomes a first-year student, alongside Koneko and Gasper, Eastern! Only in Great Red and helped him in restoring Issei 's body killed! Her to become a devil and are to be executed has Asia heal.... Issei defeat him rest of her when she is saddened that Issei calls her a character. The future, he becomes a middle-rank devil, she is rescued by Great Red helped... Secret from the anime High School DxD is a cross-dressing dhamphir, a sub-species of Bakeneko 化け猫.